Game of the People: Hitchin’s march more than football at stake

WycombeThroughout the centuries, the concept of the “march” has played its part in shaping history. There’s the Jarrow March, the Chinese Red Army’s Long March, the March of the Hebrew Slaves, Gandhi’s Salt March and the Aldermaston Marches, to name but a few. On December 6, 2014 in Hitchin, a quiet, unassuming town in Hertfordshire, a procession will take place to protest about the possible loss of the club’s historic Top Field football stadium – for the die-hards of the Canaries, it is the most important step-out they are ever likely to participate in.

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One Response to Game of the People: Hitchin’s march more than football at stake

  1. Simon Maddison says:

    Yes lets ALL be there and ensure that our friends are too. The 3 planks of the campaign unite us all: Save the town centre from the adverse effects of an unwanted supermarket
    Save the town football club from relegation to an unwanted multi sports centre on the outskirts of town
    Save the exisiting green space of the current club ground and the green belt from development for the proposed new ground


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