Guidance for marchers – December 6, 2014

The objective of the march is to conduct a peaceful, good-natured and forceful event that is very visible and effective in making its point. Bad behavior or verbal abuse will only undermine the purpose of the march.

The following is not permitted:

  • Bad language – this is a walk that includes all ages and genders
  • Politically incorrect chanting – sexist, racist, homophobia etc
  • Personal abuse of individuals – i.e. Cow Commoners, councillers, politicians, Hitchin Town officials
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Chanting that includes the name of any corporate – i.e. Tesco
  • Personal crusades not linked to the cause – no politics

Marchers are invited to express their feelings on the following issues:

  • No supermarket at Top Field
  • Save Top Field
  • Save Hitchin Town Football Club
  • Preserve the heritage of the game of football
  • Save Green Belt land
  • Save the local economy
  • Support local businesses

Anyone attempting to compromise the walk will not be admitted into the ground for the game against Poole Town at 3pm.



About GOTP Editorial - NF Jensen

Game of the People was founded in 2012 and is ranked among the 100 best football websites by various sources. The site consistently wins awards for its work, across a broad range of subjects.
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